Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Aniversario del cumpleaños de Beatriz Barrios, asesinada en 1985 por el Ejército.


  1. Jean-Marie, this image has haunted me for years. I'm sure I am not alone in this horror! And the first time I saw it I couldn't help but think of how incredibly difficult this whole scene was for you, the photographer.

    I remember you from Weston Priory, early '84. I was living there, staying on after being invited by the brothers to participate in a "come and see" program there that previous autumn.

    John Rood

  2. John:
    Thank you for your comments. I remember Weston Priory. I went there with Father Daniel Jensen, Maryknoll/NY, during a difficult time in my life. The weekend at the Priory helped a lot.

    I took this picture in the Escuintla morgue, in late 1985, when I was working with a Sixty Minutes crew on a story about Guatemala's "return" to democracy. My producer was worried that the Army would confiscate the footage and my film, so we hid everything in my sports locker at the Camino Real Hotel. Life really makes fiction pale by comparison, does it not? Warm regards, Jean-Marie